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My 101 in 1001 Days

Happy New Year! It still doesn’t feel like a new year. Even on New Year’s Eve, it just felt like a normal day. With a three day week ahead of me, I sat down to brainstorm new ideas for getting organized and focused to make 2016 a great, memorable year.

I stumbled across a blog post by Mackenzi Horan called 101 in 1001 Days! It immediately prompted me to start looking through other Pinterest boards at other ladies that were taking on this task. So what does 101 in 1001 Days mean? You make a list of 101 things you want to accomplish in 1001 days! I enlisted the help of Siri to help me figure out when 1001 days from January 1, 2016 was. For once, Siri got something right!

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Thank you, Siri! Friday, September 28, 2018 is three days after our third wedding anniversary! I started to work on my list. After I finished it, I wondered if I had been creative enough. I mean we are talking close to three years. A lot can and should happen in three years. I tweaked my list a couple times and grouped them by similarities to keep track of them easily. Financial, married life, travel, our home, just to name a few!

I have created a separate tab on my blog to keep track of each accomplishment on my 101 list! You can visit it here to check my progress! I am so EXCITED to get started on this list! Here’s to productivity!

101 in 1001 Days

Start: January 1, 2016               Finish: September 28, 2015

  1. Pay off all credit card debt
  2. Start an IRA account
  3. Pay off my car
  4. Buy things with only a coupon or at a discount for one month
  5. Visit Washington D.C.
  6. Stay the night at my grandparents, like when I was a young girl
  7. Visit Napa Wine Country
  8. See a Broadway play
  9. Visit New York
  10. Visit Washington
  11. Visit San Francisco
  12. Stay the night in a place where it snows!
  13. Visit Catalina Island
  14. Take a train somewhere
  15. Go on a date to Disneyland in 2017 to celebrate 10 Years since our first visit to Disneyland as a couple
  16. Try 25 new restaurants
  17. Get our wedding video back from Videographer and have a viewing party
  18. Start a table runner documenting each year of our marriage
  19. Do a romantic scavenger hunt for Nick
  20. Pick up our marriage certificate
  21. Play a game of tennis with my husband
  22. Get a massage with my husband
  23. Make dinner for Nick every day for a week using only Pinterest found meals!
  24. Serve Nick breakfast in bed!
  25. Make Nick a FANCY candlelit dinner at home
  26. Go to dinner at Flemings
  27. Eat at the Attic in Long Beach
  28. Go ice skating
  29. Finish Parenthood with Nick on Netflix
  30. Make a Birthday cake from scratch for Nick
  31. Take photos in a formal gown and suit
  32. Put a love lock somewhere
  33. Have a picnic with Nick
  34. See Disney on Ice
  35. Ride in a hot air balloon
  36. Buy a home with Nick
  37. Make Wedding Coffee Table Book
  38. Organize my recipe box
  39. Have a woven photo blanket of our wedding done
  40. Get our files organized according to this article
  41. Put up a gallery wall
  42. Get wedding photo enlargements finished
  43. Change décor in kitchen
  44. Change décor in bathroom
  45. Make a blanket ladder
  46. Buy a headboard for our room
  47. Organize the downstairs closet
  48. Start collecting fabric for a marriage quilt ((Collect a fabric for each year of marriage for 10 years and have a quilt made with the fabric))
  49. Put together or earthquake kit
  50. Modge Podge a copy of our marriage certificate to a wood “P”
  51. Have our vows printed to be hung in our bedroom
  52. Make my own, artistic coffee table book
  53. Write an E-Book
  54. Write a blog post every single day for at least one month
  55. Get to 1,001 followers on my blog Instagram account, you can follow here
  56. Send an email to 5 people in business I admire
  57. Start an Etsy shop
  58. Get 1,001 email subscribers for my blog! {{You can subscribe below/in the sidebar}}
  59. Be featured and write a guest blog post for another blog
  60. Print out Pinterest recipes and add them to recipe box
  61. Organize my Pinterest Recipes
  62. Make homemade bread
  63. Start an herb garden
  64. Make homemade jam
  65. Buy a juicer and make fresh juice
  66. Learn how to make our own bloody mary mix from scratch
  67. Start and Finish Scrapbooking 2014
  68. Start and Finish Scrapbooking 2015
  69. Start Scrapbooking 2016 and complete it by 2017
  70. Finish Wedding Scrapbook
  71. Learn how to use manual features on DSLR Camera
  72. Do A trash the dress photoshoot with Revik Photography
  73. Organize all photos on external hard drive
  74. Start a family keepsake ornament book according to this post
  75. Take family photos for Mom
  76. Do a photo shoot for our first anniversary
  77. Organize Go Pro Video from Honeymoon and make a short film
  78. Try Hot Yoga
  79. Hike to the Hollywood sign
  80. Take a Soul Cycle class
  81. Do Yoga every day for an hour or more for 1 week
  82. Do a color run
  83. Read 50 New Books {30 from Rory’s Gilmore Girl Booklist}
  84. Learn how to play guitar
  85. Bind all of our wedding cards together
  86. Buy a classic black blazer for my wardrobe
  87. Figure out which recipe to send with 2016 and 2017 Christmas Card!
  88. Learn how to paint with watercolors
  89. Finish all of the ornaments I have pinned to make!
  90. Send flowers to someone just because
  91. Get all of my IDs and documents updated with my married name
  92. Unsubscribe from all of my junk mail
  93. Merge my email communication to an email address with my new married name!
  94. Inspire 5 other people to make a list {{Please leave a comment below if you are starting your own list}}
  95. Learn calligraphy
  96. Learn how to change a tire
  97. Make our own dream catcher
  98. Sew something!
  99. Watch 10 classic movies I have not seen
  100. Fill an entire journal {I have started many, but never filled an entire journal}
  101. Make 10 DIY Gifts and give to people just because

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