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6 Ways to Jump Start Your Healthy Lifestyle

I wanted to sit down and share a few tips that I think can help anyone on a journey to living a healthier life. I know the journey can be a challenge at times. No journey is perfect and there are some days when we need a simple reminder. For the most part, however the journey can be improved when we keep a few things in mind. I jotted down 6 tips I felt were important to share with you when it comes to healthy eating.

#1… Stop your complaining! Tough love moment, please for the love of Pearl, STOP COMPLAINING ABOUT YOUR DIET! Every time you complain, speak an ill word, say “gosh this diet is awful!”, you are creating your reality. Yes, starting a new nutrition program is difficult. Yes, sometimes you have to skip the cookies on aisle 6 and the cake in the fridge at the office, BUT please stop complaining about it. Each time you complain about it, the negativity around your “diet” becomes your reality. This as a result, makes you cave in to quitting that much easier. Because really, who wants to be MISERABLE the rest of their lives? Exactly, no one! Healthy living isn’t miserable; it doesn’t mean forever giving up that piece of cake, or brownies. Living in poor health is miserable. So please stop making yourself believe that “this healthy eating” is such a dreaded concept. It takes time, it works, and you’ll feel better. Target isn’t running out of Nutter Butters any time soon, you will be okay. Set a goal and plan ahead. Try instead to think of terms of ADDING. I am adding in this apple. I am adding in this amazing home-cooked meal. I am adding to my life! 

6 ways to stay on track

#2… That brings me to, plan, plan, and plan! First, I don’t call indulgences “cheat meals”. Because no one likes a cheater. Planning your indulgences, your special occasions, your (let’s just call it what it is) the day you are going to enjoy something else…planning makes perfect. It sounds cheesy, but look at the calendar. If you know that you have a birthday party, an extra long weekend, a date night, etc. plan your indulgences around that. Randomly picking up a cookie at the checkout and eating it in the car serves no one. In fact, it might only make you feel worse because you think you failed. BUT what if you had that cupcake on your husband’s Birthday. Would you feel as bad? Nope, because you were celebrating. Maybe you want to go to little Sarah’s birthday party and have cake, BUT since you planned you know that maybe you should skip the chocolate fountain at happy hour the night before. Having a plan can keep you from feeling like you disappointed yourself.

6 ways to amp up your goals

#3…Find an accountability partner! Find someone who will help you along the way. Having someone side by side with you during your journey will help you stay on track, reach your goals, and give you an even greater sense of obligation to hit your goal. Have you ever run next to a friend? You feel an obligation to keep their pace, right? To keep moving. You are both feeding off each other’s movement in that moment. It is the same with nutrition goals. When you and your friend are working toward something, the last thing you want to do is let her down. An accountability partner gives you someone to keep you going. 

#4…Find a community that has your back! This is very similar to #3, but a community is greater than just an accountability partner. You can join membership sites or join a Facebook group that is related to your goals. Recently I launched The Busy Woman’s Guide to a Healthy Life on Facebook. In the group I share more healthy tips, on the go tips, workouts, how to accomplish your goals, etc. It is like a everyday blog. You can join us by clicking here or searching “the busy woman’s guide to a healthy life”. I also share everything I eat on Wednesdays! There is an album in the group with photos and descriptions for you. 

6 ways to stay on track

#5…Your food choices make a difference! I know Lean Cuisine tastes good, but there are so many hidden ingredients hindering your success. Food companies market diet foods, banking that the consumer doesn’t understand what’s actually in them. Because “low fat”, “low carb”, “gluten free”, it all sounds good. Low fat usually means higher sugar. Higher sugar typically increases cravings. Increase cravings, “whelp, this is hard!” Cycle repeats. Opt for real, made by you sources of food whenever possible. Ingredients you control. So you know it is lean white meat chicken breast you are eating and not a higher fat chicken thigh. If you are struggling with healthy food ideas, join us over at The Busy Woman’s Guide to a Healthy Life

6 ways to stay on track

#6…Find what you love, that’s healthy! For me, I love green beans. I love apples and I love ground turkey with taco seasoning. This is me. You might like broccoli more. You might prefer salads with salmon. Whatever you love, stick to that. Get creative. Pinterest is great for finding 100 ways to cook… just about anything. I also have a ton of healthy recipes you can browse through over here in the recipes category. We have the resources we need to find healthier options for us and our family. It just takes a little time to figure out what we enjoy vs. what makes us feel like we are eating rabbit food.

What are some things that have worked for you in the past? Have you always struggled with yo-yo dieting? 

If you found this helpful or inspirational, please feel free to share it with your friends or on your Facebook. It will surely help with our mission to help everyone live a greater, more authentic life. 

Until next time! 


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