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When I fell in love with needles

Fell in love… that seems so dramatic, but it is so true.

First off, I cannot tell you how many times I have said I was going to go for a massage or pedicure or to a yoga class. What’s the reason?! Because I wanted to do something for myself to unwind or destress. Did I ever do it?! Nope! I think I have had a massage once or twice, but talked about it about 300 times. 

While I was recovering from my miscarriage, I knew I wanted to do something to relax and unwind. The body is so resilient! Ahhhh, it just makes me beam thinking about how amazing the human body is. It can recover from so much trauma and pain.

I am a researcher. I have researched and researched holistic and  natural ways to deal with recovery and stress. I have always been a little curious about acupuncture and how it could help me manage stress.

My ultimate goal in life is to be super zen, but without the hairy armpits and legs. You feel me?!
Here’s how acupuncture works: Fine needles are inserted in to the body by an acupuncturist. The needles are inserted into specific identified acupuncture points on “meridians”. Meridians run throughout the body and correspond to certain organs. The acupuncturist explained to me that these can be thought of as highways, he actually compared it to LA. The highways, or energy highway becomes blocked or congested. The acupuncture works by getting rid of the roadblock and allowing the energy to flow freely.

Acupuncture has been shown to release endorphins and releases natural pain killers. Acupuncture is used as a way to treat chronic back, neck, and other pain in the body. 

Here is why I tried acupuncture: I wanted a way to reset my body after our loss. I wanted to allow my body to recover, reset, and get a moment to just BE without being pumped full of medicine, anxiety, and fear. Not to mention, anything to help me manage my stress… SIGN ME UP. Stress is a constant factor in most of our lives. I see acupuncture as a way to release the negative energy and tension. Acupuncture is also used to help with hormone balance and fertility.

The amount of ups and downs by body has experienced with our 2 miscarriages is reason enough to do acupuncture. 2 miscarriages can create just a little bit a lot of stress. The acupuncturist explained to me our first goal was to reset the body and wait for my cycle to reset.

So what was it like?! We started with a consultation, much like a doctor’s office. I answered questions regarding my miscarriages, stress, daily habits, pain, and concerns. He checked my pulse and my tongue. I thought it was quite interesting when he took my pulse and said “you need more sleep” and “you are a worrier”. Not WARRIOR, worrier. 🙂 Both are pretty accurate. 

He pressed on a few areas in my abdomen and collar bone. After that, we were ready for the needles. Yes!

If you are afraid of pain, I can tell you I experience worse pain just doing the dishes or digging in my purse. Most of the needles, I think there were about 30 or so, I couldn’t feel. He placed a couple in my feet, shins, abdomen, chest, face, and ears. The needles on my ears I felt, but nothing worth saying “ouch” for. It really wasn’t painful. So if that’s your reason for not trying acupuncture, I promise you will be just fine. 

After the needles were in, he put warm red lights on my abdomen and my feet/shin area. He told me to rest/relax and he left the room. The room was dark with the warm glow of the red lights and the relaxing music playing. Within a few minutes I felt like my right arm just melted in to the table. The rest of my body eventually followed.

I laid there trying to focus on something other than work and the other irritations in my life. I actually felt a difference laying there, though I know I can get better when it comes to NOT thinking about stressful things. Always a work in progress. 

After 20 minutes he returned, took out the needles and discussed my next visit with me. I scheduled an appointment for a week later. 

I left feeling relaxed and very aware of how relaxed I was.

For the “moms” of the group… I know some of you might be worrying right now (Hi, Mom!). Yes, the needles were sterilized. They were taken out of a sterilized envelope, similar to the dentist office. The needles were put in to a biohazard needle bin afterwards. So yes, the needles were sterilized. My skin was wiped with a one time use sterilized cotton pad. Smelled a little like rubbing alcohol. The office was so clean and organized. Oh, and the restrooms too. It was just like a doctors office with the wax paper stuff on the bed and sterilizer spray to clean the room.

Okay, now that I have addressed the worriers… back to our normal program.

How much did it cost?! Okay, first, I was told most insurances cover acupuncture and most acupuncturists take insurance. Unfortunately where I wanted to go, doesn’t take Kaiser. I paid $90 for the initial consultation and treatment. Future treatments are $60, which I have researched and it is about normal. Since going to the acupuncturist, I was told Kaiser covers acupuncture. I emailed my doctor to ask her for a referral. Say some prayers and send good vibes my way because that would be AMAZING if I could just pay a <less expensive> co-pay. HOWEVER, with or without insurance I would still pay the $60, that’s how much I enjoyed it. 

I believe acupuncture is something that you have to keep going to to get the full effect. You wouldn’t go to one eyebrow wax and expect it to last you 6 months or forever, right?! You also wouldn’t go to one massage and never return again.

Holistic health is all about being proactive, aware, and preventative.

Have you had acupuncture before? How about cupping? I’d really like to try cupping. 

I share more of the day to day of my journey on Snapchat. Username: AnnaLPanza

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