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Affordable Fitness Fashion

Since I was a little girl I have always loved fashion and girly things. Pink, sequins, cute shoes, etc. My love for fitness is equivalent to my love for fashion and being a girl, so naturally it was difficult for me to feel FABULOUS in a old baggy tee and sweat pants in the gym.

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Flip through a recent copy of Fitness RX Magazine or Oxygen Magazine and you will see your favorite fitness models working bright, cheery workout clothes. While I love myself a great pair of Lululemon crops, my budget isn’t quite set up for a wardrobe full of Lulu. Ever wonder… How to find cute, affordable fitness clothes? I am here to say, there is hope and you can ditch the baggy shirt and grubby sweats that have paint on them from your middle school science project.

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Ladies, have you visited a TJ Maxx or Marshall’s recently?! Please, go quick! You will find some of the most AMAZING workout attire that will fit any budget.

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First, let’s talk workout crops and shorts! This one is MEGA important! Ever seen someone wearing leggings and you can see right thru them?! I don’t want this to be you, especially in the gym. Here is a tip… when you find a pair of leggings you love, put your hand behind the fabric on the bum. Stretch the fabric over your hand slightly. If you can see your finger nail art design, skip them! I do this so I can see the quality/thickness of the fabric.

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I have also found that reversible crops are usually better than thin, single layer fabric.

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Now let’s talk tops!! I love a great athletic top with a sports bra built in. TJ Maxx and Marshall’s has a surplus of amazing, bright tops. Depending on what is comfortable for you, you might opt for a tight fitting or a flowy racer back style top. Either way, you can’t go wrong with a fun print. When you are shopping, think of the pieces you already have in your closet at home. Do you have a great pair of purple workout pants that need a black top to match? Maybe you have a pair of Nike shoes that are a beautiful shade of pink, but you don’t have a matching top.

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Just like any other fashion and style, if you feel confident in your outfit, you will feel confident in the gym. What will you be comfortable in? I am usually not a shorts kind of gal, so no matter how cute that pair of Reebok shorts are I will most likely skip them.

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Choose pieces that you love and don’t forget to always, always check the fabric for quality. There is nothing worse than hitting the gym for your workout and being insecure if someone can see your underoos when you are doing lunges.

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If you are still starting out and maybe your high school P.E. shirt is what you feel comfortable in, that is okay. Take a look at the accessories at TJ Maxx, Marshall’s, or even target. Maybe a great sports jacket is just the thing you need or a new gym water bottle. These stores also have great options for gym bags, arm bands to hold your IPod, and shoes you can choose from. Affordable, comfortable, and fun!

Hope you enjoy!

xo, AP

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