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The Spiritual Journey : Asking for a Sign

Hello, my friend. How are you?! Have you checked in with yourself today to see how YOU actually feel or have you been go, go, go non-stop today or even this week? 

I ask, because I know how easy it is to fall in to the cycle of constantly doing and forgetting to check in with “self” and God. 

Earlier this week I talked about morning routines that you can create for yourself. Maybe 15 minutes, 30 minutes, or an hour of a morning routine that allows you to slow down, check in, and listen to yourself. 

Have you set up a morning routine yet?! If not, I encourage you to go back, read that post, and create one for yourself. 

Today I wanted to chat about asking for signs from God or the Universe. Whatever you believe, I feel like there is a strong disconnect when we want something or desire an answer, but we haven’t decided HOW we would like to receive that answer. spiritual journey
This concept was brought to me by a friend, Haley (that’s Haley up there) and she got this concept from the beautiful Miss Gabby Bernstein. The concept is asking for a specific sign that will guide you in to knowing you have made the right decision or you are on the right track. It is really like a confirmation of sorts.

In this video, Gabby talks about using an owl to confirm her decisions with the Universe. For me, I have chosen an elephant to confirm my decisions with God.
spiritual journey
In morning prayer or throughout the day or after I have made a decision, I specifically ask God to show me an elephant. Sounds a little strange right?! BUT before you knock it, know that it is one of the most peaceful feelings and reassurance you have been heard. 

How many times have you gotten in your car and the right song, at the right time comes on, and you think “this is a sign from God!”. Asking for your own sign, is merely this concept. elephant guidance from God
My elephants show up in various places. Like the time I was in TJ Maxx. I was so overwhelmed by the pressure of the world around me. The desires of my heart were to make some major shifts and changes in my life. Before going in for my shopping trip, I asked God to guide me and give me clarity. 

Sure enough within 15 minutes of being in TJ Maxx, on the back wall was a large canvas print of a mother elephant and a baby elephant. TJ Maxx isn’t a place that has consistent merchandise, in case you didn’t know. The chances of that photo, in that place, in that moment, were my confirmation from God. Not to mention, the mother and baby elephant speak volumes to my struggles the past few months with starting a family. 

How about social media? My friend Haley made a decision in her business to create something for her readers. She specifically asked for her sign. Within the hour scrolling on Facebook, she was brought a photo of a giraffe posted by a friend who would have never known that she had asked for a giraffe as a sign.

Advice from an Elephant

You can choose to believe that this is a crazy concept or you can simply incorporate it in to your daily prayer with God. Either way, I enjoy sharing my journey with you all. Why?! Because it is the small things, like seeing a sign of elephants, that helps me move forward in my day. Especially when I am feeling overwhelm or uncertainty. I know that God hears all of my prayers, but to receive His confirmation back feels reassuring. 

Also, elephants have now taken on such a big meaning in my life. I seek them and I admire them. 

What sign will you ask for?

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