Can We Talk About Cupcakes?

Can we talk about cupcakes really quick?!?! The girl that is passionate about health and fitness would like to talk about cupcakes? What!?
Suite106I cannot stop thinking about this Circus Animal Cookie Cupcake from Suite 106 Cupcakery! We stopped by Suite 106 on my Birthday at the beginning of March. Their cupcakes are delicious. Since visiting their SWEET suite a month ago, I have been thinking about this circus animal cookie cupcake. So much so, that I planned my 3 week goal around this cupcake… I added it to my 101 things in 1,001 days list… AND… I now Instagram and Facebook stalk Suite 106 Cupcakery!

Suite 106 has won Food Network’s Cupcake Wars 2x and lucky me… their cupcakery is just around the corner from home!

Pre-health junkie, Anna, I was OBSESSED with cupcakes. Eating them… making them… drawing them…eating them! I wanted my own sweets company that sold chocolate covered treats and cupcakes. Clearly, my life took an entirely different route when I discovered health and fitness. The great news is, the world didn’t eliminate Circus Animal Cookie cupcakes!

So here is the deal, I set my 3 week goal (I will do a post soon on goal setting) around this cupcake. They only have them on Saturdays and the perfect Saturday to have one, is on Nick’s day off. I am so excited, I even wrote a blog post about it! The great news is THIS Saturday is the day AND it is one more thing I can now cross off of my 101 things list! You bet your bottom dollar, Annie I will be blogging again about this cupcake!

Please tell me I am not the only one with a sweets obsession?!

xo, AP

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