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How to Create a Clutter Free Home

If you are searching for a realistic decluttering routine, you will find inspiration in this blog post. In this post I share 6 practical tips for living a clutter free life at home.

It is possible to keep a tidy and peaceful home. If you are a mom that is desperate for change in her four walls, I want to encourage you that you have the ability to change it. With toys scattered everywhere, dishes piling up, and endless laundry, it often feels like a never-ending battle against clutter and chaos. But fear not! I’m here to share my ultimate guide to achieving a calm and clutter-free home, even with little ones running around. These steps will truly change the feeling in your home.

Declutter Like a Pro As a Busy Mom

The first step to a clutter-free home is to declutter. I know what you are thinking, “if it were as easy done as it is to say, I would be living clutter free”, but hear me out. You know you need to declutter, but have you created a plan? Start by listing all of the rooms in your home on a blank calendar. Give yourself a designated week in each room. Little by little each day, tackle a section of that room. Start by getting rid of anything you no longer need or use. Donate, sell, or toss items that are taking up unnecessary space.

I have found a lot of success with decluttering by simply acknowledging everything in our home has to be managed. Usually the manager of those things is me, mom. Be intentional with the things you are brining in your home. If you know a certain store like the thrift store or target causes you to impulse buy, consider staying home or shopping online. Adding to your clutter while you are decluttering is contradicting. (I have learned this the hard way)

Create Organized Spaces

Organization is important and everything you have needs a home. Please do not jump to the organization step before you have decluttered. Putting things you don’t need in a pretty basket just because you don’t want to make a decision will not work. Look at your space and determine what you will need for different activities. Then organize the space accordingly. Everything needs a home so that you know where it goes in your daily routines. Without a home, it just becomes another cluttery object on a surface somewhere.

Daily cleaning rotation for busy moms. Establish a cleaning schedule as a stay at home mom of young children. Zone cleaning checklists and daily routine checklists. Get a handle on your cleaning routine.

Establish Daily Routines

Establishing daily routines can help keep your home running smoothly. Set aside time each day for tasks like cleaning, laundry, and meal prep. Get your kids involved by assigning age-appropriate chores and making it a fun activity for the whole family. Having a consistent, daily routine will help keep clutter at bay. Every day in my daily cleaning rotation I have a 15 minute time block designated to picking things up and getting it to their home. If something is ready for donation, I do it in that moment.

Implement a Cleaning Schedule

A cleaning schedule can help you stay on top of household chores without feeling overwhelmed. Break down tasks into manageable chunks and spread them out throughout the week. I keep a handy list of daily, weekly, and rotating deep cleaning tasks on my counter. I check the list often during the day when I catch myself becoming idle or distracted by social media. The list helps me have focus, especially as a Mom with ADHD. You can download the checklist I use and begin using it today here!

Embrace Minimalism

Simplify your life by embracing a minimalist mindset, but please do not let this distract you. Focus on quality over quantity, but leave behind minimalistic number rules. The “only keep one set of block” and “only have 7 shirts” doesn’t work for us. Focus on what your family values and decide what fits in to that. There are a lot of great minimalist type tips, podcasts, and books you can pick up if you are need of inspiration. One of my favorite books that helps manage the abundance of toys is Simplicity Parenting by Kim John Payne.

Break free from the myth of how to get caught up on cleaning as a stay at home mom. Instead, be inspired by a cleaning schedule for stay at home moms. These cleaning hacks and routines will dramatically change your cleaning routine.

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

Remember, perfection is not the goal, but easy to tidy is. It’s okay to have a messy house from time to time, especially when you have young children. Focus on your daily habits and creating a consistent routine. If you are feeling trapped by the myth that things will always be “caught up”, you may enjoy reading this blog post here.

    Be inspired by these simple tips and incorporate something new today. With a little bit of planning and organization, you’ll be well on your way to enjoying a more peaceful and stress-free life as a stay-at-home mom. Here’s to a happier, tidier home for you and your family!

    Do you have any other tips for maintaining a calm and clutter-free home? Share them in the comments below!

    Create a cleaning routine that works! This post includes a printable cleaning routine you can use as a busy stay at home mom. Download this cleaning checklist for homeschool moms and change your routine today!

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