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Getting Over Fear

Yesterday I posted my very first YouTube video on my new YouTube Channel. The topic is centered around fear and one question I think we can all stand to ask ourselves.

Getting ready to post this YouTube video came with all types of insecurities, fears, and doubts. I knew the editing wasn’t perfect and for weeks leading up to this video, I only thought about making video type blogs. For weeks I talked about it with Nick and for weeks I thought “how cool would it be to communicate with people through video?” I would be stopped dead in my tracks by fears and doubts, putting it off another day.

Here is how I finally got to pushing the publish button and getting past my fear. I asked myself what would happen and how I would feel if I never followed my heart during this lifetime? What types of regrets would I have for not just trusting my curiosity, creativity, and heart? The thought of not following my heart and sharing my passion with people scares me more than “what will people say?”. What will people say is always the first place I revert when I am afraid, but I am finding out that it doesn’t really matter. I am also working on finding a way to immediately shut down fears if they are unrealistic. At the end, pushing the publish button felt liberating, like I had conquered fear!

What matters more is sharing my heart and serving other people with my passion for health, fitness, and self improvement.

I hope you will watch the video below and it would mean SO MUCH to me if you would subscribe to my YouTube Channel. Why? Well, because 1.) I would love to know my Mom and my Husband aren’t the only ones watching, 2.) my goal is to get to 100 subscribers by the end of the month, and 3.) it is helpful to know if and when this is helping or catching someone’s interest!

It is very simple to subscribe- click here and you will be taken directly to my YouTube Channel!

Thank you for watching and subscribing! I will be back this week with more posts!

xo, AP

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