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Fit Gift Guide for Her

fit gift guide for her

Panza-Tine’s Day number two! If you are out, on the hunt for a cute gift for your Fit-Gal Pal, look no further. 

I have gathered a few fun gifts for you to give to that sweet Gal-entine in your life! These gifts are sure to be a sweet surprise for any fitness loving lady on your list! Most of these items can be found on Etsy! I love supporting small businesses! I found a few items at Bed, Bath, and Beyond (don’t forget your 20% off coupon) and Forever 21. I have linked each item below the image. 

It was like window shopping preparing for this post. I have several new “wish-list” items, now! I am just loving that No Pain, No Champagne tank! Too cute!

I hope you find something special for your gal-entine or for yourself. PS.. Don’t forget to pass this along to your other half as your Valentine’s Day wish list. I hope you enjoy! Valentine's Day Fit Gift Guide

  1. A Cute Workout Tank or this one is super cute, too
  2. A Water Bottle With Goals
  3. Assorted Bath Bomb Gift Set
  4. Inspiring/Motivational Print 
  5. Ultra Calming Salt Lamp
  6. A Super Cute Sports Bra – Here, Here, and Here
  7. Cute Yoga Mat
  8. A Cheeky Coffee Mug
  9. Fit Bit Cover
  10. Fitness Planner

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