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Smelly Guest Bathroom: Try This

Cleaning your bathroom daily is an easy way for moms to stay on top of the frequent mess a bathroom brings.
if you have a cleaning rotation, you will want to add cleaning your bathroom daily to the rotation. Keeping up on the daily mess that accumulates in the most used bathroom is essential to feeling rhythmic in your cleaning routine. I include cleaning my guest bathroom in my daily cleaning schedule.

Yes, I clean our guest bathroom every day. Now, before you roll your eyes and label me a cleanliness fanatic, let me share why I’ve adopted this daily cleaning habit and how it’s become both a practical necessity and a source of relief and satisfaction. (especially as a mom of boys!)

How to Clean a Smelly Bathroom

First and foremost, let’s talk about the mess. Oh, the mess! In a house full of bustling activity, a frequently used bathroom can easily transform into a battlefield of toothpaste globs, missed aims, and who knows what else stuck on the seat (sometimes it is best to not ask, just clean). So, armed with my cleaning supplies and a sense of humor, I embark on my daily mission to conquer the chaos.

To make this easier on myself, I keep a stack of rags and a spray bottle of cleaner under the sinks in all of our bathrooms. The toilet bowl can easily be cleaned with a few pumps of hand soap, if you don’t have a specific bowl cleaner readily available. Remember, this isn’t the deep clean of the guest bathroom (that’s in zone 2 of my cleaning rotation). This is 5 minutes a day wiping the counters and disinfecting the toilet surfaces.

How to Clean Your Guest Bathroom Daily

Picture this: It’s like a mini expedition into the wild, armed with cleaning spray and a trusty rags. I swoop in, tackling the sink counters first, wiping away the evidence of morning rituals and dirt smears from littles who FINALLY washed their hands. There’s something oddly satisfying about restoring order to the chaos, knowing that a clean slate awaits the next wave of toothpaste squirts and soap mishaps.

Next stop: the porcelain throne. Now, I won’t get into too much detail here, but let’s just say that as a mom of boys, I’ve learned to expect the unexpected. It’s a quick wipe and sanitizing of surfaces, accompanied by the occasional eye roll and a silent prayer for better aim next time. I will pull out the seat to clean around the bolts, as well.

The best products to use to clean your bathroom. These products are non-toxic bathroom cleaning essentials that you will love. Enjoy keeping a bathroom with toxin free products.
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Cleaning the Guest Bathroom

And let’s not forget the joy of guest readiness. There’s a special kind of relief that washes over me when unexpected visitors drop by, knowing that our guest bathroom is clean and ready.

But beyond the practicalities, there’s a deeper sense of satisfaction that comes from maintaining a clean and organized space. It’s a form of self-care, a way of nurturing not just our physical environment but our mental well-being too. There is a sense of accomplishment from the simplicity of a freshly scrubbed sink and a sanitized toilet bowl.

How to clean your bathroom as a busy mom. Aim to take 5 minutes to wipe surfaces daily. Include your deep clean on a cleaning rotation schedule.

So, my friends, I invite you to join me in embracing the daily ritual of bathroom cleaning. The habit compounds over time, making cleaning the bathroom go from a daunting tasks to an easy to tackle task.

I have built cleaning my main use bathroom in to my cleaning rotation that I use daily. This checklist includes daily, weekly, and 5 week deep cleaning checklists all in one place.

Adding cleaning your bathroom daily to your cleaning schedule will dramatically improve how clean your home will feel each day. Taking 5 minutes to maintain your most frequently used bathrooms will compound over time and make you feel a sense of relief when it comes to your cleaning routine. If you are ready to feel like your bathroom is clean, you will want to read this post for the best cleaning schedule.

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