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Imperfectly Authentic

As I type this, I have mixed emotions. I am sitting with my phone full of unread text messages, a brain full of “I need to do ______ today”, and a series of unwritten blog post/Facebook lives/Instagram captions.

I love our virtual world. In fact, I think social media is one of the greatest contributions to our world, especially in business. We now have the ability to stay connected with people. 10 years ago, without social media, I would have no clue what more than half of the people I went to school with were doing. 4 years ago I would still be stuck in the same ol’ health rut because I wouldn’t have had social media and inspirational women to show me what was possible.

Yes, I firmly believe technology is such a blessing to our society.

But what about those days when it becomes too much? By nature, I am a people pleaser. Recovering people pleaser to be exact. I want everyone to like me, I definitely don’t want to let people down or have people negatively talk about me behind my back. I want to help, share my talents whenever possible. So much so, that I will text people back in the middle of a vacation when it really can wait. I will stop what I am doing at home to make sure people get the answer they want or need. While this isn’t always a “bad” thing,  I have to train myself to stop the people pleasing and focus on one thing.

Sound familiar?

In all of the instant responses of our society, I have to remind myself it is okay.

  • It is okay if I do not respond to a message right away.
  • It is okay if some people don’t like me for what I believe in, practice, or preach.
  • It is okay to have unfinished tasks.
  • It is okay to be imperfect.

I remind myself at the end of the day my imperfection is the most authentic me that I can create. Authentic Anna is imperfect Anna and imperfect Anna cannot do it all. Imperfectly authentic Anna cannot please everyone and sometime people won’t understand… and that is okay.

Today I give you permission to be imperfectly authentic. Not perfect, but genuine, representing one’s true nature or belief.

It is okay to not do it all. A constant reminder to myself.

I hope the holiday season is treating you well and I pray for health, authenticity, and happiness the remainder of this holiday season and in to 2017!

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