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Laundry Routine: The Best Routine for Moms

Discover the best laundry routine for stay at home moms. Consistently tackle your laundry and create the best laundry schedule for your home. Create a sustainable laundry routine for your home with small children.

Being a stay-at-home mom with young children is a full season of life, but it often feels like the laundry never ends. The laundry pile can quickly become overwhelming. Having laundry mountain on the couch to fold or having baskets of clean laundry scattered about waiting to be folded, isn’t a system. But fear not! With a simple weekly laundry routine and a few strategic hacks, you can conquer the laundry chaos and keep that dreaded laundry mountain at bay.

Completing One Load Start to Fold Every Day

First thing is first, you need an efficient system that does not put laundry all in one day. That will take you HOURS to complete. The key to staying on top of the laundry game is to tackle it in daily bite-size pieces. That is why I include it as a daily task in my cleaning rotation checklist. Instead of letting the laundry pile up until it resembles a small mountain, commit to completing one load from start to fold every day. I emphasis fold because I think this is the bulk of where the struggle lies. Starting a load, drying it, and leaving it in a basket to wrinkle, is not start to finish.

Whether it’s first thing in the morning or after your kids are in bed, designate a specific time each day to focus solely on folding one load of laundry. By breaking it down into manageable chunks, you’ll prevent the laundry from spiraling out of control. This is the time frame that works best for our family, but you may find it works better for your family to start a load in the afternoon. The time is not necessarily the success principle, but rather the habit and consistency.

The best laundry schedule for stay at home moms with young kids. learn how to tackle the laundry in your home consistently.

Laundry Routine for Dirty Clothes

Keep a hamper in every room of the house to corral dirty clothes before they have a chance to take over the floor. If you have dish towels that end up in a pile on the floor, keep a basket near the kitchen. Having a hamper within arm’s reach makes it easy for everyone in the family to toss their dirty laundry in one centralized location. This simple habit not only keeps clutter at bay but also streamlines the sorting process when it’s time to do the laundry.

Sorting Dirty Clothes for Smooth Laundry Routines

Create a system in the laundry area for sorting clothes into categories such as colors, whites, and towels. Use separate laundry baskets or bins to keep each category organized and easily accessible. This ensures that when it’s time to do a load of laundry, you can quickly grab the appropriate basket and get started without any guesswork. Plus, having a designated sorting system saves time and prevents color mishaps in the wash.

The best way to set up your laundry routine in your home is with this system. You will love these tips for laundry management.

Personalized Laundry Baskets

Assign each member of the household their own clean laundry basket, including one for the kitchen linens. Each member of our family has a large laundry basket like this. These baskets are also a great choice if you are short on space and need to store them easily. Having multiple baskets will serve as designated landing spots for clean laundry that is folded. Teach older children to put away their own clothes when their basket is full or when they have some downtime. Not only does this lighten your load, but it also instills a sense of responsibility in your kids and teaches them valuable life skills.

Create a Consistent Laundry Routine

Spare yourself the morning rush by prepping the load of laundry the night before. Place the detergent and clothes in the washing machine so that all you have to do is press start when you wake up. If your machine has a delay timer, take advantage of it to ensure your laundry gets a head start while you focus on other morning tasks. This simple step keeps the laundry start-to-finish routine running smoothly and sets the tone for a productive day.

If you are stay at home mom looking for a laundry routine, read this.

Midday Dryer Dash – Moving Your Load

Have you heard of habit stacking? Where you take one habit and marry it to another habit. For example, after lunch or upon returning home from an outing, make it a habit to move the wash load to the dryer. By tackling this task during a natural break in your day, you’ll prevent wet clothes from staying too long in the washing machine and developing that dreaded mildew smell. {hello, running a load multiple times to get the stink out} Plus, having freshly dried clothes ready to fold and put away will give you a sense of accomplishment and keep your laundry routine on track.

This is the best laundry routine to tackle laundry chaos. Learn how to consistently tackle your laundry and get rid of laundry mountain for good.

Laundry Routine that Works for Stay at Home Moms

Flexibility is key when it comes to managing the laundry load. While some may swear by a rigid schedule, I’ve found that adapting to the needs of the moment works best for my family. That means I don’t assign specific types of laundry to certain days of the week. Instead, I prioritize based on what needs attention most urgently. Whether it’s a mountain of towels from a weekend of outdoor water play or a sudden influx of dirty kids’ clothes, I tackle the laundry that has the fullest load for the day. And yes, sometimes I’ll throw in a load of clothes with some dish towels – call me a rebel! But in the end, keeping up with the laundry means getting done what needs to get done first, regardless of traditional laundry rules.

With a proactive approach and a few clever strategies, you can conquer the laundry chaos and maintain a sense of order in your busy household. By implementing a weekly laundry routine that includes completing one load start to fold every day, keeping a hamper in every room, establishing a sorting system, utilizing personalized laundry baskets, prepping the night before, and tackling the dryer dash midday, you’ll say goodbye to laundry mountain for good. So go ahead, reclaim your laundry room, and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a well-oiled laundry management system.

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