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Leave it at the Door

Today’s post being inspired by a text…. more like a rant… more like a Spark induced motivational text to my beautiful friend Haley this morning! The main plot of the text?!!? A sign! Let me explain…

I want a sign that I hang on the wall that says “Leave your doubts at the door!” Doubts… fears… fear of what people will say or think…. fear of failure… you name it, just leave it.

Sister, can we talk friend to friend?! I want YOU to be the most empowered woman in the world! I want YOU to look fear in the face, give it a wink, and say “move aside!”. When people doubt you, mock you, reject you, I want you so EMPOWERED by your vision of where you’re headed, that you use it to only fuel you more!

The “should” epidemic!! Society tells us so many things about what we should be doing! Should be getting married by a certain age… should be having kids by a certain age… should not be worrying about paying off debt, “it will always be there!”… should be loving the job that pays us well and settling for our current circumstances saying “this is how it is everywhere”… should be settling down… should be… should be… right?!?!

Here’s what I think we should be doing… I think we should envision our living our life in a manner in which we LOVE. Where we wake up every morning, totally empowered by the hurdles we have overcome, the accomplishments we have made, and empowered by the life we envision before us!
Reading books that empower us, skipping the reality TV that we use in the game I call “the comparison game of life”… I think we should be checking all fears and doubts in at the door and pursuing God’s visions and dreams He has given us! Building ourselves, empowering ourselves, empowering other women, creating a movement! What we should be focused on is inspiring the next generation of girls to rise up, love themselves, and band together to change the world!

Have you ever really thought about it, those daydreams you have?! Why would God give us those daydreams if He didn’t want us to chase after them?! And if you’re the human ready to tell me, “those daydreams are unrealistic! They’re made up in your own mind!”… I say, NOPE!!! Those daydreams come from our Maker and they are there for a reason. He gives them to me, it is my job to chase them and live out life with purpose!

So here’s the deal I want to make with you… can you commit to leaving your doubts and fears at the door and pursuing the passions, dreams, and visions God has blessed you with?!?! Skip the idea of should be and pursue your curiosity and passion! Can you check the baggage of fear at the door and say, ” I am here to leave a legacy and me playing small DOESN’T serve the world!” #Deal!

The first step is believing you can live a life you love, with purpose, impacting lives! The second step is taking action!

Until next time…

xo, AP

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