About Me

Hello there! My name is Anna Panza. I am the fingers behind the keys here at Panza Avenue. I am also a Christian wife, a dog mom to a rescue pup, soon to be human mom, and passionate about  finding natural alternatives for our family!

My passion for health and wellness grew in to a blog in late 2015. I wanted a place to share with other women some of the tips and tricks that changed my journey to a healthier, better me. 

After experiencing two miscarriages, I became fascinated with natural and organic living. I always considered myself health conscious, buy I learned there was so much more to it than healthy eating and working out. 

I am currently preparing for motherhood and due in February 2018 with our first child. I am passionate about finding the best, natural options for my family and our home. I love a bargain, I love a good DIY, I love Jesus, and I love learning about new ways we can live a better life. 

I share life’s adventures, wifehood, the journey to motherhood, natural living tips, recipes, and everything in between here on my blog! 

Thank you for stopping by and for being a part of my journey!

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