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Motivation Monday #1

“I wish I had motivation to do _____________!” Is this a statement in your plethora of statements? Even worse, is this a statement you often use to express the teensy-tiny bit of self doubt you have?!

One of the things I hear and or get asked questions about, has to do with finding motivation. I do not believe in a few things. I do not believe in LUCK, I believe you create your own opportunities. I do not believe in FINDING motivation. It is not an object, it cannot been founds. However, I do believe it can be created from the ground up. Motivation comes at all levels, in all shapes, in all sizes. Really, motivation comes whenever we create it.

If you are lacking motivation… if you WISH you had the motivation to accomplish the desires on your heart… may I ask you a few questions?

  1. Where is your vision board hanging in your home?
  2. The last time you wrote in your journal, what were the desires of your heart that you wrote on the page?
  3. The last time you chatted with your closest friend, what did you both talk about? The latest makeup trend, how terrible your day was at work, your next gym date, Suise A. in cubical B., the latest inspirational podcast?

Okay, I am hoping you can see where I am going with this. If not, I will explain.

Vision Board InspirationFirst, where is your vision board hanging and when is the last time  you intentional looked at it and envisioned your dreams? There are going to be a few answers to this question. You are either going to say, “Anna, I don’t have a vision board”… “Anna, I don’t know where my vision board is. I have one, but haven’t seen it in months.”… or “Girl, I am looking at it right now!”

Depending on how you answer this question can tell a lot about why you might be lacking in the department of motivation. VISION is the life blood to motivation. Without vision…without a goal…where are you even aiming?! When your alarm goes off at 4:30AM so you get up and hit the gym, of course you snooze it, you don’t even have a vision of why your alarm is set so early. Creating a vision board of words, images, quotes, and ideas is crucial to your success. Create on, reference it daily, know where it is that you want to go.

Photo Apr 03, 4 03 52 PM#2… Your journal should have pages filled with cursive listing all of the desires of your heart, your prayers, your ideas, your goals. Writing is the thing that gets your thoughts on paper and organizes them. Without writing your goals down, you are trying to keep a bunch of thoughts jumbled in your head. Grab a journal and start to intentionally write down your goals. Where do you see yourself in 1, 5, 10 years? It is the same as vision. Pen to paper, glue stick to magazine art! Creating a vision for yourself keeps you motivated on even the most difficult days.

Photo Mar 15, 5 05 04 PMWhen is the last time you chatted with your closest friend and what did you talk about? I am serious when I say, YOU ARE THE TOTAL SUM OF THE TOP 5 PEOPLE YOU HANG AROUND WITH. Can I say it again, YOU are a reflection of the TOP 5 people you associate with… you trust in… you chat with.. you spend your time with. What are you guys dreaming about? What are you motivating EACH OTHER to do?

Accountability and time are very important to motivation. Accountability, well because we all need someone to keep pushing us when things get hard. Time, all time is valuable. How are you spending yours? Are you gossiping or are  you empowering? Are you complimenting or are you complaining? Write down the top 5 people you talk to daily. Heck, just look in your text messages. It is there! Find a friend on the same or similar mission as you and refuse to give up your valuable time to things that don’t push you toward your goals.

Your decisionsIf you don’t have friends you feel comfortable sharing your goals with, have you considered an accountability group on Facebook? I have started a free Facebook group for accountability and encouragement. You can join the group here.

I hope this is the final missing puzzle piece to you finding your motivation. Have you tried any of these or do you get somewhere else when it comes to finding motivation? I would love to hear from you! Comment below or email me (

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