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As is the Mother…

As is the Mother… So is the Daughter!


Inspired by Mother’s Day just around the corner, I thought I would share some valuable lessons my beautiful Mother has taught me along the way. Every birthday-eve, my Mom will sit down and tell me the entire timeline of what her day was like on February 28, 1990! From the, “Oh, I knew my little Anna would be here soon!” and the “I remember counting each of your fingers and toes!”.

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Clearly I don’t have a story I can share about my Mom’s birthday eve… I think she just turned 35? 😉 … BUT I can share the the things that my Mom has done along the way to change my life! I mean, tell me this lady isn’t the classiest woman you’ve ever seen with lavender eye shadow!!! (PS… my love of pearls, I must get from my Momma!)

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First, a little about my Momma! My Mom is a hottie that loves and supports her kids! There isn’t anything my Mom wouldn’t do for me, my brother, or my step sister. She loves to text, a lot and at some of the most inopportune times… when I am at work, when I am sleeping, when I am sitting next to her? She loves YouTube beauty tutorials, Spark, and German Shepherds. She puts up with my jokes, tantrums (still at 26 years old), cheers me on when I tell her my big dreams, and she always has the newest beauty products or tips to share with me or my aunts and cousins! She is a friend, a sister, an amazing mother, and my best girlfriend! Let me share with you what she has taught me…

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  1. Always wash your face before bed! Mom’s rule #1, don’t go to bed with your make up on. My mom always taught me to wash my face before bed. We use warm water, cleanser, and a wash cloth. Because of her, I to go to bed with a clean face and *bonus Mom tip*, at least wear mascara when you leave the house! Now, as an adult, washing my face helps me keep my acne (yes, I still struggle with it) at bay. I struggled with acne growing up, completing 2 rounds of Accutane, once when I was 17 and again when I was 19. It created a lovely combination of dry, acne prone skin! 😉 It wasn’t until I discovered Obagi’s acne line and silk peel facials at my local MedSpa, that I was able to keep my skin from being a hormonal, breakout mess. Washing my face at night allows my skin to breathe, removes the dirt and makeup from the day, and allows my moisturizer to soak in! I wake up feeling clean, not a mess of dirty cake face!
  2. Make your bed each morning! Now, I don’t know how much I truly follow this, but I do my best! At the very least, I try to pull the sheets up each morning and pick the pillows up off of the floor. We have a little rule in our home… last one in the bed, has to make it. 🙂 Of course if I am home from work and Nick is the last one up, I will make it. 😉 I enjoy it actually! I love creating a home! My Mom always had a bazillion pillows which is now my own personal style habit. Nick would like to thank you, Mom! He loves 15 pillows to arrange on the bed. She always arranges the pillows neatly and usually folds a blanket at the foot of the bed!
  3. One day, even though you don’t understand it now, your brother will be  your best friend! Let’s talk about how I used to say, YEAH RIGHT, MOM! My Brother is 4 years older than me, probably has ADD (we have never truly confirmed that), and he is a sarcastic, comedian, hippie, artist. So in a nutshell, he can easily drive me nuts and sometimes I think that’s one of his main goals when we are together. 🙂 Growing up we didn’t always agree, like most siblings. He like to have control over the TV remote, the front seat of Mom’s car, and he and his friends would convince me (when I was 4) that the helicopter sound I heard outside, was someone coming to “get me!”. Yeah, about that! Thanks, bro!
    REN_6732My Mom would always tell me I would one day appreciate my Brother and he would be my best friend. Welp, she wasn’t wrong! As much as he still drives me a little insane, I love and adore him! He gets me! We have similar struggles and love to razz my Mom with Obama jokes. I truly don’t know where I would be without him in my life. Siblings are like built in BFFs. They teach you patience, they are sometimes our very first friends! So I will say it, “You were right, Mom!”
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  4. I bet you I can find it cheaper!It is safe to say my parents didn’t have a lot of extra cash lying around growing up. My Mom always taught me, you can find it cheaper. Frugal shopping is her thing! It’s pure talent. We would spend some Saturdays at yard sales and then several GoodWill Stores. We had it all mapped out and halfway through the day we would stop and eat lunch.Photo Oct 16, 7 38 03 PMI don’t ever recall being ashamed of my thrift store threads, maybe because I always found really cool things for super cheap or maybe because it was mainly all I knew? I was able to get more bang for my buck and it truly didn’t matter that my Forever 21 halter top was from last spring!

    I still love to pop in a thrift store every now and again! I have learned how to stretch my dollar because of my Mom! Coupons, sales, Amazon, affordable stores over boutiques! I still apply Mom’s “I bet you can find it cheaper” slogan to most things in life!


I am so grateful for the things my Mom has taught me growing up! She has faced trial and tribulations, heartbreak, and struggle, yet she remains resilient and strong! She has taught me what it is to fight for your children, to love them despite their quirks, and she has given me the gift of unconditional love! She watches my SnapChats, likes ALL of my Instagram posts, and is one of my biggest cheerleaders! My Mom is surely the most amazing woman I know! Without her I wouldn’t be who I am today. She has taught me that whatever I want in life will require hard work. Nothing was handed to me, she always helped me see how important it was to work for the things I wanted!

Thank you, Mom!

Happy Mother’s Day weekend to all the Moms out there! My mom. Your Mom. His Mom. Her Mom. The Dog’s mom. 🙂

xo, AP

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