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National Pumpkin Day: Roundup

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The day has come!! It is National Pumpkin day, everyone! If you haven’t figured out yet from my latest blog updates, I love PUMPKIN!!! I wanted to celebrate today by sharing all of my most recent pumpkin recipes with you, all in one spot. A National Pumpkin Day recipe roundup! A post you can pin and reference for all things pumpkin awesomeness!

pumpkin pie energy bites

These Pumpkin Pie Energy Bites are a delicious snack to grab and go! They are made without refined sugar, completely dairy-free, and have plenty of healthy fats inside! I love them! 

pumpkin jack o lantern bell peppers

Dinner time is no exception to the pumpkin celebration!! I shared these festive Jack O Lantern Stuffed Bell Peppers a couple weeks back. They are packed full of lean protein from chicken and full of flavor! Skip the Jack O. face for the perfect dinner to serve any time of the year. 

dairy free pumpkin spice latte

One of my favorites, a dairy-free pumpkin spice latte! I share in this blog post how I feel about the sugary packed Starbucks version of this drink. This recipe is perfect for fall and a staple of the season. Wouldn’t you agree?

dairy free pumpkin Ice cream

Okay, okay, maybe this recipe is my favorite so far. I know it is for my husband! I have made this dairy-free pumpkin pie ice cream a few times so far this season! My husband loves it, I love it!! It is ice cream done right!

pumpkin vinaigrette

Just recently I shared this smoked pumpkin vinaigrette recipe! The entire bottle was gone in just a couple days! I love it so much I had to make more! 

natural pumpkin dog treats

I didn’t forget the star of the show, my doggy Brielle! We made these Pup-kin Apple dog treats for her to celebrate the beginning of FALL! Grain free, great for digestive health, and a treat she just LOVED! 

Just a few of my favorite pumpkin recipes rounded up for you in one place! All of these recipes are packed full of nutrients, a clean version of some our favorites, and most importantly, they are PUMPKIN!! National Pumpkin Day is a day is here and we are ready to take some massive action when it comes to celebrating FALL!! Enjoy! 

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