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Our Newest Addition

Our New Addition
If we are Facebook friends, SnapChat besties, or Insta-Pals, you know Nick and I have a new addition to our little family. Miss Brielle is a 3 year old toy poodle we adopted on our 8 month wedding anniversary, May 25th. Timing, right? This is a one-week side by side photo of when we brought Bri-Bri home and her one week adoption-versary. She improves each day! image
We adopted Brielle from the local animal shelter. She was brought in to the shelter on May 2nd. Someone found her on the side of the road *heart break emoji here*. They think she was attacked by a bigger dog and hit by a car before she was found. Our little girl is recovering from a collapsed lung, separated rib, and trachea damage.  She was also spayed during her stay at the animal shelter, which explains why she looks like a naked lamp in her first mirror selfie!

It has been quite the adjustment for the two three of us. Morning feedings with a plethora of different prescriptions and trying to find a harness small enough to fit our girl. I am certain Brielle is adjusting to lots of snuggles and human kisses constantly and she might be a little tired of an iPhone in her face, but I cannot help it… she is just so darn cute! image
Our tiny girl gets her name after Brielle Milla, the SUPER adorable, ridiculously smart four year old girl, Brielle that has been featured on the Ellen show. The real Brielle, slightly less furry with pigtails, teaches Ellen about the periodic table, human body, and Biology. If you haven’t seen her yet, I recommend you search for her on YouTube. I want one just like her when I have human children! For now, Brielle is my little girl and I love this furry little baby!image
Brielle is still recovering from her traumatic month at the shelter and now an ear infection and inflamed eye tissue. This crazy dog mom took Brielle to the emergency vet center on Memorial Day because I thought she had ear mites. Nope, turns out she just needed her ears irrigated and more antibiotics, eye drops, and ointment for her ears. We are hopeful and say daily prayers that this will be the last battle our little furry girl has to endure. She had her ears irrigated on Monday at the vet. Let me tell you, the dirt, gunk, and grime that this little one was walking around with was heart breaking. It is safe to say Brielle’s new, overly protective, overly kissing, overly snuggling human parents are just the parents she needed.image
Brielle has certainly brightened our little home! Who knew four little legs would only enhance and brighten our home. My morning reading and prayer time now has a snuggle partner! We are excited to grow with Brielle and document our journey along the way. image
Thanks for reading, everyone! Say a few prayers for our little champion pup that she will fully recover soon and be ready for more trips to PetSmart and HomeGoods! 🙂 image


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