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Happy Birthday, Blog!

blogging for one year at Blossoming Motherhood. Sharing my journey as a natural minded, crunchy mom.

One year ago this week the decision was made to start Blossoming Motherhood. I wanted a place where I could express my thoughts and everything I was learning on my journey through motherhood.

My decision to start Blossoming Motherhood was a decision to document the process growing in to my own version of “Momma”. I felt compelled to document the journey of motherhood, the trials, and the unconventional approach (I felt) I took to things.

Highlights of the First Year

This past year has brought so many different opportunities and experiences. Most recently the devastation of yet another miscarriage (our 3rd loss) has stoked in me a bravery to share more of the complex things I am going through as a mother.

It is always my intention to write more and share more through this creative outlet. As you can imagine, I find it difficult to juggle being a mom, wife, and creator. However, I am setting the intention yet again to become more consistent with my writing and sharing.

First, starting with recapping the year and sharing some of the highlights from both the blog and Instagram, where I spend A LOT of my time.

breastfeeding past six months can be done! Keep reading for 7 tips for breastfeeding to and breastfeeding past six months. Chiropractic care can help latching problems.

Nursing Past 12 – Months

I am still nursing my son well in to his 16th month. I wrote several posts recapping 6 weeks, 6 months, and 12 months of our nursing journey. My son had both a tongue and lip tie that were a struggle to have properly diagnosed. We also found several things that worked and didn’t work in our nursing journey.

An open letter about a different view on mothering. I can’t think of one Mom who feels comforted when people question or mock her.

Feeling like the Black Sheep

I share a lot about what it feels like to be “different”. Two posts received the most positive feedback in this past year. The first is an open letter I wrote about being “that mom”. The second is an Instagram post addressed to Susan. You might have a Susan in your life, too. Someone or a few someones who mock, ridicule, or make you feel you are “too much” for the choices you make for your family or child(ren).

I have also found a great community of friends through Holistic Moms Network. The online community I have built of like minded mothers is great, but the in person connection of like minded women cannot be beat.

How to make a toxin-free baby wash for your infant at home. Simple, natural ingredients to keep your baby clean and toxin free!

Non-toxic, Safe Baby Products

What we put on our bodies is just as important as what we put in our bodies, especially our little ones. There are several things I get extremely passionate about and ingredients is one of them.

I shared here a recipe for homemade, non-toxic baby wash and why you would want to choose to make your own. This post here is all about herbal baths and helping your little one sleep better with a natural solution.

A complete list of the things that were a waste of money in baby's first year. Check out this post for ideas about what to put on your registry. A practical list of what you need during baby's first year. Baby registry for first baby.

Recommendations for Moms

I put together a list of what I feel I actually needed for postpartum recovery. I recently put together a list of baby registry items I loved and thought were a waste of money.

Postpartum Recovery

I have shared a lot about my postpartum recovery. Sharing how I thought I would be the mom that bounced back sooner than I did. I also had postpartum anxiety that I needed to heal and chose to do so naturally.

With our most recent miscarriage (June 2019), I now have a new healing process to go through to recover my body both emotionally and physically from the loss. It is going to be a great season of growth and healing.

Gluten free, dairy free, egg free, and no added sugar baby's first birthday cake recipe. My little one absolutely loved this healthy 1st birthday cake. Baby's first birthday healthy cake recipe. Baby's first birthday smash cake. Baby's first birthday picture ideas.

Natural Minded Recipes

Of course I shared several recipes straight from my kitchen both here and on Instagram!

In this Next Year

In this next year my intention is to heal from the emotional process of our 3rd miscarriage. Our experience with this miscarriage was by far the worst. We juggled through not only the loss of another child and our hopes for growing our family, but we had the unfortunate circumstances of receiving horrible care from our medical providers.

A new approach to medical care

In the next 6 months to a year, I know I have a lot of emotional and physical healing to do. I have found a Naturopathic Doctor to pay out of pocket in hopes of getting a few more answers. If not answers, I hope to gain some natural healing solutions from my visits with her. This experience has yet again made us realize and accept that we are our best health advocates.

Our own mini-garden

We have started our own garden, which is far from impressive. However, I have this big dream of one day owning a homestead where we can grow our own food and have space outdoors. Our tiny condo patio garden seems to be the perfect opportunity to learn before our dreams of homeownership are reality.

Homeschool adventures begin

We have also started with a homeschool group in our area. I know, I know it is still early and he isn’t even two yet. I know! 😉 We are however a family that plans on homeschooling for MANY reasons. I see this time in our son’s life as a time to connect with other, likeminded families and start friendships now. Our homeschool group focuses on outdoor activities and fun learning opportunities for the kiddos. There is also time set aside just for the moms to get together and connect.

Looking Forward

While it is always great to look back and see the tremendous growth I have had in the last year, I look forward to the future and the healing that will take place. I look forward to finding more of my own voice as a mother and nourishing my son with all that I learn in gentle, natural health.

Our culture itself needs a lot of healing and I firmly believe in my purpose to share love and healing through the content I create!

If you are not on my email list, I hope you will consider joining me there. You can get brand new blog posts straight to your email and other creations like recipes, ebooks, or ideas for continuing your journey to a natural minded lifestyle.

Thank you to all of you who have stuck with me this past year and beyond!

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