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Picture Books for Birthdays

8 picture books for Birthdays! Celebrate your child's birthday with these 8 picture books! Plus, download the free birthday interview inside! Birthday interview printable.
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Picture books for birthdays was a must to share about as I started to prep our activities for my little’s birthday week. I wanted the week to feel special, without a bunch of insignificant extras. Enter, a stack of books with the theme of BIRTHDAY!

You probably know by now that I am a huge lover of picture books for my little one. We visit the library weekly to collect new books to read and I also build our collection of favorites using Amazon and Thrift Books.

I recently shared 10 Christian Picture Books for Valentine’s Day which blessed a lot of your families. So I thought it was fitting to share our favorite books centered around birthdays. We also got a few at the library that I wasn’t impressed by and returned almost immediately. I will share those with you, too.

So what made the list of Picture Books for Birthdays? Check it out…

8 Picture Books for Birthdays

A Gluten-free Birthday for Me! Author: Fliess, Sue.

Hardcover A Gluten-Free Birthday for Me! Book

I love this book, especially if you have a child that has a gluten sensitivity. The book follows a birthday girl who is getting ready for her party by making a gluten free cake. When it is cake time, she finds out one of her friends also has a gluten sensitivity. The book includes a recipe for your family to try.

God Knows My Name by Debby Anderson

This isn’t exactly a birthday themed book, but I love the message of God knowing us each by name. On all days this is an important message to receive, but especially on your birthday.

Lulu’s birthday, Author: Howard, Elizabeth Fitzgerald

This book follows a grandmother and her grandchildren as they plan a birthday celebration. The plans change rather quickly, but one thing remains, they are together. It is a cute story where the children are using lots of imagination. If you bring this book up on Amazon and it is outrageously priced, check their used book section under “Buy Used” or check Thrift Books.

The Best Birthday Party Ever, Author: Huget, Jennifer LaRue.

I love the story line of this book and the rhythm of the story. The book follows a girl who is planning her birthday. Her plans are elaborate and she includes lots of imaginative details. By the end of the story, the birthday girl is content with the simple birthday party she has. My son loves this story and the vivid illustrations.

Birthday Rules Author: Friedman, Laurie B

Birthday Rules includes a rhyming story line and unique illustrations. The “rules” in the story share how to genuinely make the most out of any birthday celebration.

Happy birthday, Cupcake! / Terry Border

Real life illustrations are a big hit in this book. The story follows a cupcake that is trying to figure out how to include all of his friends in its birthday celebration.

When’s my birthday? / Julie Fogliano ; Christian Robinson.

We enjoyed that this book had a little bit of everything. Some counting, repetition, and unique illustrations.

If you Had Your Birthday Party on the Moon, Author: Lapin, Joyce

If you Had Your Birthday Party on the Moon is great if you have a child that loves space or anything that has lots of facts. The book explains what you would experience on the moon, but from the perspective of having your birthday party on the moon. It is a fun story that has a lot of space and moon facts.

A Bonus Birthday Book

Your Birthday Book – A Keep Sake Journal

Here is an extra book that is always on my list! We love our Birthday Keepsake Journal and use it every year to record special memories. The journal has questions and writing prompts, plus a place to put special pictures and mementos. If you are looking for a special book to record moments of your child’s life, without feeling overwhelmed, this is the book you will want to have in your collection.

8 picture books for Birthdays! Celebrate your child's birthday with these 8 picture books! Plus, download the free birthday interview inside!

Free Birthday Interview Printable

You can also download this printable I created and have your own special Birthday interview every year. I created this Birthday Interview Printable win 3 color schemes, blue, pink, and multi-color. If you are looking for an activity to do with your little one on their Birthday, this is fun. Tag me (@OurFaithFilledHome) if you share it on Instagram!

Birthday Books I Didn’t Like

When I checked out the books from the library, there were several others we checked out that I wasn’t impressed by. I thought I would take the time to share with you those books and my opinion, just incase you are considering purchasing them.

A birthday for Frances Author: Hoban, Russell
I thought this book was rather long for a children’s picture book. Books with text that is too long generally means my little one loses interest.

Happy birthday to you! Dr. Seuss
I had the same hesitation about this book as I did the book above. I know Dr. Seuss is considered a classic, but this book was so long. My little one lost interest at about half way though and we never finished it before returning it.

Amanda Panda and the bigger, better birthday, Author: Ransom, Candice F.
I wasn’t a fan of this book simply because of the behavior displayed. In my opinion, Amanda seems very bratty and selfish. Though the characters in the book end up resolving the conflict and coming to an agreement, the majority of the book is centered on selfishness and unfriendly behavior. I wasn’t a fan.

A birthday for cow! Author: Thomas, Jan
This book came up during a library catalog search and I checked it out. It is so silly and kind of dumb. I think that is the point as the other books it suggests at the end look the same, but it wasn’t for us.

Best Birthday Books

I hope you found this list of books helpful! We used several of these books during the week leading up to and after our son’s birthday! It was exciting to read different perspectives of birthday celebrations and in some cases create activities around the book. Join us on Instagram for daily inspiration!

8 picture books for Birthdays! Celebrate your child's birthday with these 8 picture books! Plus, download the free birthday interview inside!

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