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Losing My Pregnancy Weight and Healing my Anxiety

Using food and superfoods to heal my postpartum anxiety. Losing weight postpartum with whole foods and superfoods.
Using food and superfoods to heal my postpartum anxiety. How to lose pregnancy weight without feeling overwhelmed. Natural ways to heal postpartum anxiety.

I really thought at 6 weeks postpartum I would be back in action and losing my pregnancy weight.

Before I had my son, I insisted that the jogging stroller I purchased would be on the jogging trail after 6 weeks. Spoiler alert, almost 11 months later and it still hasn’t been jogging.

Using food and superfoods to heal my postpartum anxiety. How to lose pregnancy weight without feeling overwhelmed. Natural ways to heal postpartum anxiety.

More than Pregnancy Weight

It wasn’t just pregnancy weight I was carrying around. If you have followed my story, you know that I had two miscarriages before having my son in February 2018.

Miscarriage for me brought depression, a lot of emotional eating, and an extra 15 -20 pounds of weight. So all together, there was about 45 pounds postpartum I was looking to say goodbye to.

The Quick Fix Made it Worse

I tried the 21 Day program that promised great results at 8 weeks postpartum. In return I felt my anxiety get worse as I struggled to keep up with the intense workouts and felt isolated from a lack of support.

I tried Keto at 4 months postpartum which only made my milk supply suffer. Each time I tried to do something different, I would spiral backwards never feeling like I made progress.

I was so desperate to find a way out of the junk food, processed food hole I was in. The healthy habits I had before my miscarriage and having my son were non-existent. I just wanted the simple habits back. Habits like cooking home cooked meals, not having processed sugar, alcohol or processed foods as a staple in our home. I was tired of convenience foods sneaking their way in to our home.

More importantly, I was tired of my anxiety and depression ruling my life every day and night. I was tired of feeling like I was on the edge of tears because my life felt “out of control”.

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A Friend and a 40 Day Commitment

At 8 months postpartum my answer finally came. With the help of a friend, I created a plan to commit to 40 days of healthy eating to heal my body inside and out. The focused shifted from “weight loss” to recovery and healing.

How I lost my Pregnancy Weight and Healed My Anxiety

1. 10 Day Plant Based Cleanse

I started the first 10 of 40 days with a 10-day, plant based cleanse focusing on core nutrition. I flooded my body with organic, non-gmo superfoods and focused my intention on nourishing my body with whole foods. We modified everything in my plan to maintain my milk supply for my son. I didn’t workout, but instead had laser focus on adding in foods that healed me.

2. An Accountability Partner

One thing I know I was missing in the past was having someone along side of me the entire time that would encourage me through the entire process. Anytime I have ever accomplished anything significant in life, I have ALWAYS had someone along side of me encouraging me and motivating me. I relied on the help of my friend and confided in her during the entire process. Every morning I would check in with her to share how I was feeling.

3. Focus on Better Sleep, Removing Alcohol

To heal my anxiety and lack of energy I felt during the day, I turned my focus to solving the sleep troubles I was having at night. I traded my evening glass of wine for a glass of tart cherry juice, which naturally promotes better sleep. Removing alcohol from my day to day was just what my body was craving to get better sleep and to feel more energized during the day.

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4. Free from Caffeine, Natural Energy

Whole foods like mushrooms, lentils, quinoa, apples, avocado, and tons of green vegetables became my natural source of fuel. Coffee was no longer my source of energy, food was. I slowly started to break free from the chains of caffeine. My brain fog lifted and I felt so energized during the day.

Using food and superfoods to heal my postpartum anxiety. How to lose pregnancy weight without feeling overwhelmed. Natural ways to heal postpartum anxiety.

5. Superfoods and Detoxifying

Flooding my body with organic, non-gmo superfoods helped gently detoxify my body from built up toxins and helped it return to a state of balance again. I began to consume a superfoods shake daily with no artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners, binders, fillers, hormones, herbicides, pesticides, irradiated or genetically-modified ingredients.

The flood of whole foods and healing superfoods helped me detox from past dietary choices, refined sugars/foods, environmental toxins like plastics, GMOs, and herbicides.

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6. Healing My Gut and Removing Glyphosate

Along with adding more whole, plant based foods in to my diet, I began to heal my gut from the negative effects of glyphosate and GMOs. Did you know GMOs are found in more than 70% of the food in a grocery store? Glyphosate or more commonly known as Roundup is present in most GMO foods. Glyphosate has been linked to cancer, disrupting hormones, a healthy gut and immune system, and has been linked to other diseases.

I added in a probiotic type product that helped remove glyphosate from my body and helped rebuild a healthy gut.

Using food and superfoods to heal my postpartum anxiety. How to lose pregnancy weight without feeling overwhelmed. Natural ways to heal postpartum anxiety.

7. Healing Before Working Out

I slowly introduced movement (working out) back in to my routine after day 10. I started slow, respecting where my body was. This is something I was missing before. Instead of subjecting my body to sudden dietary AND movement changes, I slowly eased back in to the process. Every morning I now listen to what my body is asking for. Somedays it’s yoga, somedays it is more cardio movement. Each day is different.

I slowly introduced animal products back in to my day to day routine days 11-40. I found that red meat really makes me feel slow the following day, so we have opted to keep in plant based protein and learn protein sources.

8. Setting Alarms to Eat

Surprisingly, part of my struggle was NOT eating throughout the day. Each morning I hit the ground running and before I knew it, it was 1pm and I realized I hadn’t eaten.

Setting alarms in my phone was a powerful way to remind myself to fuel my body with a meal or a snack. I would also set alarms to remind myself to drink water and to say kind words to myself.

Control Over My Eating and Anxiety

I have reclaimed control over how I fuel my body.

My postpartum anxiety is healed. Now I understand that processed foods and alcohol make my anxiety worse.

I have so much energy that I start my days at 5am, without feeling lethargic.

I’m more productive, happier, more patient, and conquered my sugar cravings.

My family and I have benefited from this journey. The accountability from a friend was priceless in helping me get back on track.

Jumpstarting a New Year

I benefited so much from the focused intention and accountability in October, that I have decided to kick off a new 40 day commitment starting January 7th.

With so many of my goals for 2019 being health and wellness centered, I have decided that a new commitment, with a 10-day cleanse is just what my body needs. I could also use the healthy jumpstart after the Christmas holiday.

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You Want to Join Us, But Have Questions

If you are looking for a fresh start in 2019, I invite you to join us for this transformative process. I will walk side by side with you during the whole process offering accountability and support the entire time.

+ 1 on 1 support the ENTIRE time
+ Recipes, Grocery List, Meal/Snack Ideas
+ Education… so you can be empowered to keep this lifestyle going
+ Facebook Lives and Community
+ Self Care Tips

Take it from a women that has healed her anxiety and processed food addiction using this process, you can do this.

If you are curious or ready to join me, send me an email ( or schedule a call together here. Let’s figure out the approach that works best for you.

If you are still on the fence, have some questions, or aren’t sure just yet, you can schedule a call with me here . I wouldn’t wait too long, the new year is just around the corner!

I hope to hear from you and I am praying for a healthy, vibrant 2019 for all of us!

1 thought on “Losing My Pregnancy Weight and Healing my Anxiety

  1. Totally agree. Losing weight after giving birth was such a huge challenge and very depressing. I also felt really bad but my doctor advised me not to really focus on getting back into my old weight since I was breastfeeding. Being healthier is more important. Now, after 3 years — I am still the same postpartum weight but this time had finally accepted it.

    Thank you for the tips. I am also inspired to stay away from processed food.

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