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Social Media, Part 1- Comparison

As I write this post, I am getting ready to go to the gym. My brain was spinning with the thought of this post, things to write, what people would think, etc. First, I want to acknowledge I LOVE SOCIAL MEDIA. Yes, I said it and in about 3 minutes I am totally going to contradict myself. It is true however, I love social media. As someone 100% in love with inspiration, common interest, sharing life’s joy, and business, I feel that social media has created a lot of positive things in our current society. However, like all good things, too much of a good thing can become a bad thing. Wouldn’t you agree?! Avocados are great for you, but it might not be in our best interest to eat 6 a day! You feel me?!

It is actually an idea I thought of while brushing my teeth and putting on a sports bra to kick of the day. So it is highly likely this post will require two parts!

Two weeks ago I started a book, Make it Happen, Surrender Your Fear, Take the Leap, Live on Purpose written by Lara Casey. I plan to review the book, but so you know IT IS LIFE CHANGING. Last Saturday morning as I neared the end of the book, I read the chapter “Clear the Clutter”. The entire chapter hit my heart! Like Mike Tyson hit my heart, #powerful! “Stop checking social media in the name of inspiration!”… “Fasting from things we may be attached to helps us understand what’s driving us to them”…Okay, so maybe this doesn’t speak to you, but it spoke volumes to me!

I cringe to admit I was am (still improving) a social media junkie. Checking Instagram and Facebook for “inspiration” that I am discovering really is the icky game of comparison. Sunday would come and I would wonder where all my time went. How did I not accomplish my to-do list of productive household tasks?! Well, when you add up 10-15 minute binges of scrolling over a period of 2 days, you can easily lose several hours in a day. That same weekend, an early Saturday morning to be exact, I followed Lara’s advice. I put all of my social media apps in a folder, labeled them BE INTENTIONAL, and moved the folder to the far right screen, taking it off of my home screen.

When I would reach for my phone to open SnapChat, Instagram, Facebook, BlogLovin’, Pinterest….(you see? Total junkie!)… I would ask myself “what am I avoiding doing right now?“… I would check in to the feeling driving me to pick up the phone. “What would be more productive right now?”… A few times it was household chores I was avoiding… dishes, laundry, dusting… other times, I realized what I could be doing! I could be diving in to finishing my book… I realized I use (still overcoming it) social media as a tool to distract myself from things my subconscious is avoiding. Moving the folders over, labeling it BE INTENTIONAL, and committing to just 2 days from social media really did impact my life. I was more productive the last 2 weekends. I have been able to really focus on the internal voice searching for comparison or inspiration, when sometimes all the inspiration I need is here at home.

Maybe social media isn’t your thing, maybe it is television. Maybe it is a game on your phone or emails. Whatever that thing is you are always glued to… whatever that weed is in your garden of life that is holding you back, I encourage you to take a deeper look at it. WHY are you reaching for it…what are you avoiding? The gym? Your finances? Household chores? Homework? I was surprised to see how many times in the day I would go to check my phone. When I searched inside to find out why, I determine I was calling it “looking for inspiration” when really I was comparing myself to other people and distracting myself from the good God has blessed me with in this moment.

I am not saying social media, television, games are bad for us. Like I said, I love social media. It has blessed me with new friendships, there are people I follow who have inspired me on my quest for self improvement, I learn from social media, and I connect with long distance family and friends. However, when it is distracting me from what I know would move me forward in life, it is bad for me AT THE TIME. Laundry sucks, but if I finish the laundry it creates a more productive, less stressful week for me. Reading I love, so if I can finish my household tasks sooner, I have more time to fill myself with positive reading, which as a result pushes me ahead in life.

Perhaps I can express myself by saying, being intentional when we use social media should be our goal. Being aware of the time spent, the motive for scrolling, and how we can truly use social media to further God’s purpose for our lives!

This title says part 1. I knew it would be a long post and I haven’t even gotten to the part I want to dive in to more… other ways social media stunts our personal growth. So stay tuned! If you enjoyed this post, please comment below or send me a message. I love feedback and knowing what is helping other people have ah-ha moments in their lives!

until next time…

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