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SoulCycle Class Complete

My friends, how are you?! It is finally SPRING and I am so excited for the next couple months! I have been slowly tackling things on my 101 things in 1,001 days list that I started at the beginning of this year. I realized that I was a little behind on tackling my list. However, I still got a couple things accomplished.

Just recently, I took my little legs to a SoulCycle class in Pasadena, CA with my friend Haley (Instagram: @Haley__Navarro) As you may recall, #80. on my list was “Take a SoulCycle Class”. I am excited to share, IT HAS BEEN ACCOMPLISHED!

#80. Take a SoulCycle Class

I have seen a lot about SoulCycle on television, on social media, (Cara at the Champagne Diet loves SoulCycle!) and I hear nothing but great reviews. I am NOT a lover of cardio and I have taken a cycle class ONCE in my life. It was a class at the local LA Fitness and not only was I miserable the entire class, the following 4 days my bum hurt from the seat. This SoulCycle class was much different.

While I am not a fan of long cardio sessions, I have to say that this wasn’t AS BAD as I anticipated it would be.

Haley and I met at SoulCycle Pasadena Tuesday night to take the 5:30PM class! At the SoulCycle class the room was dark and lit by candlelight at the instructors bike. When Molly walked in the room (Molly is the instructor, clearly we are on a first name basis and bffs), she greeted everyone with her love and enthusiasm. She looked like a healthy, fit DJ, which if you know me, I immediately got heart shaped emoji eyes. Molly not only wore a Britney Spears type headset microphone, she had a laptop with upbeat music, and control over the lights that were only at her bike. Anyone else seeing the healthy DJ metaphor?!?!? The music was AH-Mazing, and I am a sucker for anything with a great beat!

I want to add too, someone helped both of us set up our bikes before class. In anything fitness related, proper form is important and I loved that there was someone PROFESSIONAL helping us get set up.

Let's go to SoulCycle

Molly started the class and 45 minutes passed by quickly. Riding in the dark felt comfortable, I wasn’t worried about “what if people see me do it wrong?” Not only that, but Healthy DJ Molly ( I am just going to call her that now!) was motivating, spoke words of encouragement, and kept everyone riding to the beat. We didn’t ride the entire class sitting in the seat, which was incredible and I am PRETTY SURE that is why my rear end wasn’t sore the following day. We even used weights during the class for an upper body burn. *Insert heart shaped emoji eyes*

Everything was clean, professional, empowering, and I got my sweat on for sure! I love any environment where community and motivation are the staples!

My 101 things in 1,001 list was simply created to help me slow down and experience life. That’s what this SoulCycle class helped me accomplish. Not only was it outside of my comfort zone, but Haley and I used this class as an excuse to meet up. We live about an hour or more away from each other. So meeting halfway in Pasadena for our SoulCycle date night was a great excuse to spend time together.

I suppose my point is, there are things to do to catch up with friends outside of drinks and dinner. Although we didn’t “talk” during our SoulCycle class, I felt connected and motivated to keep going. Community is so important when it comes to our life goals. Without supportive, uplifting people in our lives, we can easily feel stuck.

Find a friend that will go on healthy dates with you! If you don’t have a friend willing to sweat it out along side of you, take a leap of faith and attend a class on your own. Make friends while you are there. SoulCycle has MANY locations and from the looks of things, they are adding a ton of new locations. Check out their website for a schedule.

SoulCycle or Cycle classes aren’t the only healthy, fit dates you can go on. Empower yourself to improve your life one tiny decision at a time. One healthy, fit date turns in to two or three and before you know it, you are hiking yourself up to the top of mountain to the see the Hollywood sign!

I also challenge you to make a 101 in 1,001 days list. It makes you think outside the box and challenges you to find new ways to experience life!

I will be back this week with a Panza Marriage update, we just hit 6 months, and a healthy recipe to share with you all!

What are your plans for Easter this weekend?!

xo, AP

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