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The Best Supplies for Homeschool Preschool

Looking for the best supplies for your Homeschool Preschool? Look no further. Preschool at home is one of my favorite things to talk about. Why? Because for so many families, preschool at home is enriching, fun, and can offer so many creative things for your learning child.

One thing I am so passionate about is finding a way to make morning time learning easy and stress free with your child at home. The last thing you want to do is waste your money on trendy “preschool gadgets” (which honestly only hold a child’s attention for like 20 minutes) or feel stressed out drowning in a sea of ideas that never get executed.

So, what are The Best Supplies for Homeschool Preschool? Today I am going to share with you 5 things I think every preschool at home should have. My list includes items that have multiple uses and can be used in a last minute pinch to keep your child engaged and learning.

A roll of kraft or butcher paper

The first thing I thing everyone should have for preschool at home is a giant roll of paper. You can easily find large rolls of paper on Amazon (here) or your local office supply store. Choose whatever color you would like. We have a roll of white and a roll of kraft brown. This roll of paper is used just about every week for different art projects and learning activities. The reason I love this paper so much for preschoolers, is because it allows plenty of room to draw, paint, and create.

Roll out a large sheet of paper on your dining room table the night before and set up watercolor paints. There are so many ideas for this paper. For example, use a white crayon on white paper to draw various words or pictures. Have your child paint over the paper to reveal the shapes and words.

Second, you can use this to practice name writing, recognition, or even gluing. Another way I love to use this paper is with washable paint. Various stampers and painting tools creates beautiful artwork. When you are done and the paint has dried, roll up the paper and save it to use for wrapping gifts.

Quality Watercolor Paints Preschoolers Love

I know it is really tempting to buy a $2 set of watercolor paints from Target, but do yourself a favor and spend a little more to purchase a full watercolor set. Sets like this one here on Amazon offer a variety of rich colors that your child can use when painting. Yes, your watercolors might get mixed up a little, but it is okay. The variety of colors keeps my little one engaged so much longer than the 7 color option from Target.

Sketch Book for Preschool Learning

Having a sketch book for learning activities is a must, especially for busy Mamas. The sketch book we have is kept in our Morning Basket that we use every morning. The sketch book is a neat way to organized quick activities for your little one to do. You can write name tracing activities, shape recognition or coloring activities. The best part, the pages in a sketch book are so thick that you can use dot markers and or watercolors inside. The spiral bound books are the best and have the most longevity, in my experience. They are perfect for preschool at home because they allow you the opportunity to keep work in one place and look back on progress at the end of the year.

The Best Supplies for Homeschool Preschool are simple and easy to purchase for your home. These preschool supplies are tools we use weekly.

Easy to Hold Coloring Tools for Preschoolers

Preschoolers love to color, but they especially love to color with age appropriate tools for their little hands. Crayola has a great set of Jumbo Crayons that are so much easier for little hands to hold. This set includes 16 color options, instead of 8. Another coloring tool preschoolers love are these Pipsqueak Markers from Crayola. They are little for little hands and the bold tip is great for coloring or writing practice. Another great tool for preschoolers is Dot Markers. These dot markers here come in basic primary colors. You can also purchase other color varieties like Brilliant Color Dot Markers, Metallic Shimmer, and Ultra Bright Colors.

Dot Markers are a great addition to your preschool lessons as they allow for coordination and prewriting practice. Plus, they are just plain fun. A word of caution, do not buy bingo markers. I found out the hard way that a lot of Bingo markers are not washable. *yikes!*

The Best Supplies for Homeschool Preschool are simple and easy to purchase for your home. These preschool supplies are tools we use weekly.

Picture Books from your Local Library

When I plan our preschool at home, I love to use themed learning throughout the month. This is also called Unit Studies for Preschool. Each month I take a theme, and to help myself plan our preschool learning I use planning sheets and create ideas to do each day. You can follow me on Pinterest where I organize so many ideas by theme! Perhaps this is one of the most cost effective and best supplies for Homeschool Preschool.

During the planning process, I search our library for lots of themed books and check out as many picture books as possible. Often you will be surprised with the options your library has for learning preschool with your children.

In July we completed a whole month of Ice Cream Themed Learning and our library offered over 30 books we could use and refer to each day when we were learning about Ice Cream. If you would like a learning pack that is ice cream themed and includes a picture book list, you can find it here! An easy printable pack of activities to use along side learning about Ice Cream.

Planning Preschool at Home

I hope this list has been helpful for you if you are planning preschool at home. The supplies I have listed are supplies that get used multiple times during the week. I have incorporated a lot of these supplies in to our morning activities that we do along side our morning basket. These tools truly are The Best Supplies for Homeschool Preschool.

If you haven’t already, I recommend accessing my free learning printables page. There you will find planning sheets, seasonal learning resources, and other great ideas for preschool at home. There are so many free options inside my free resources page. You can grab the password by signing up below.

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