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4 Sweet Tooth Cures

… that are better for you! After Wednesday’s cupcake drool fest post, I felt a little guilty. I do 100% believe in treating yourself and thoroughly enjoy sharing my love for sweet with you, but I want to offer up a  few options that won’t totally ruin your waistline.

It would be great if we (by we I mean I) could eat a cupcake every single day without it having any impact on our health and fitness goals. Even if I wasn’t trying to live in my most healthy body, there are still breakouts, cellulite (yes, I get that too!), headaches, depression, and mood swings (sorry, Nick!) that come with excessive sugar consumption. AND… the worst part is just feeling plain ol’ crappy after a ton of sugar.

I enjoy the occasional sweet treatS, but I also really enjoy feeling my best and I love the way I feel inside and out when I eat a clean diet. I save up my sweet treats, wine, champagne, cupcakes <a category of their own>, for special occasions. I never feel deprived and I never feel like I have “given something up” or “can’t” have something. Everything is set in a choice. We all make choices and our choices directly impact the way we feel in life.

So what are a few other treats we can give ourselves, outside of a special occasion or planned splurge?! I personally have a few things I enjoy that aren’t going to make or break my success with my goals! The list gets better as you read, so make sure you see all 4 :-)!

Pellegrino and fresh berries mocktail

Craving your favorite champagne or cocktail? I love Pellegrino sparkling mineral water with fresh berries, lemon, or both. It is great for weekend nights or during the day! I love the bubbles, a wine glass, and fruit. It absolutely tastes better out of a wine glass!

Coconut, berries, and oatmeal recipe. Curbing your sweet tooth

Use unsweetened coconut shavings to add a bit of sweet flavor to your favorite snacks. One of my favorite morning snacks is oats, fresh berries, and unsweetened coconut shavings. Adding pineapple, instead of berries creates a tropical flavor! It is a great way to sweeten up a healthy staple, oats, without adding a ton of unwanted calories or sugar!

Protein Thin Mints recipe on

I made these Protein Thin Mints and posted the recipe on Instagram just before Valentine’s Day. It is a great way to make one of our favorite cookies healthier! I have posted a separate blog post just in case you missed this recipe on Instagram! You can check it out here! Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram at @Panza_Avenue for daily health and fitness tips, motivation, and recipes.

Arctic Zero, a great way to curb a sweet tooth

In my secret stash, Arctic Zero! Have you tried this yet?! Oh my goodness! I said I was saving the best for last, right? Arctic Zero is lactose free, nut free, fat free, and diabetic friendly. My favorite part, one of the main ingredients is lactose-free whey protein. High in protein, high in fiber, and so tasty. Only 300 calories per pint. Disclaimer, I am STILL a firm believer in balance. I don’t think a pint of Arctic Zero a day is the answer, BUT it is a great alternative to ice cream and cookies. Arctic Zero just recently released new flavors, Cake Batter, Banana Pudding, and Brownie Blast are my favorites at the moment.

It is quite possible Arctic Zero sits right  up there with cupcakes, that is how good it is. With anything, too much of a good thing can be a bad thing. So, I have to pace myself and though I wish I could, I cannot eat Arctic Zero for every meal.

I hope you enjoyed these four tips and that you have found a new idea to curb your sweet tooth! If you enjoyed this post or know a friend who would love this, share it with them on Facebook!


xo, AP

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