A Table That Tells a Story

I love sentimental things! Things that have meaning… things that tell a story! I love to think that one day I will have children that will ask me about our early years as a married couple. I do my best to document our beginnings.

On my 101 in 1,001 Days List, #18 is “Start a table runner documenting each year of our marriage”. The goal was to complete this table runner in December, around the Holidays representing 2015. My ideas is, every year for Christmas we will put it on our table for our family breakfast or dinner. Each year Nick and I… and eventually our children, will pick a memory to represent the year. I imagine a table runner filled with little hand prints, paintings of stick figure drawings, and doodles of first missing teeth or a baby foot print labeled “MistleTOES”. 🙂

I picked up this table runner at Hobby Lobby for $12.00. I wanted something that was a smooth texture, neutral, and light. I also didn’t want solid white or any type of bold design. It has a faint zig-zag stripe and from far away, it looks like one cohesive color. This table runner is now the canvas of memories that will become our legacy.


September 25, 2015 was our wedding day, so it was only natural to start the table runner with something to represent the start of our marriage. I found the center on the table runner first! I chose a dark purple and lavender, they are not only our wedding colors, but they are the leftover acrylic paints I had from wedding crafts. ta-da! At first I didn’t put enough paint on our hands, and it dried very quickly. So if you are going to take this craft on yourself, I suggest putting a thick layer on  your hands. I used our left hand, for obvious reasons and hand drew the ring and diamond with a silver paint pen. I outlined them in black to make them pop!

The wording is fabric paint… I do wish I would have gotten a new black fabric paint at Hobby Lobby, but this did okay.


For now it is simple, but like I said, I imagine it one day a hodge-podge of doodles! As we add to it, it will create a piece to display that tells a story.  I considered a table cloth, also as I am sure this will fill up sooner than I expect. I have no idea what type of table we will have when we buy a home, so it is possible we will start a table cloth version the first year in our home. Although, I do love the idea of using every inch on the table runner to the point where it cannot be filled anymore.

I am considering putting some scotch guard over it, but I wasn’t sure what it would do to the paint. Afterwards I also thought it probably would have been better to use fabric paint on our hands rather than acrylic? I use a question mark because I am not too sure.

Anyways… If you take on this cute little project yourself, I suggest you learn from my mistakes. 🙂 Use enough paint on your hand, use fabric paint/pens whenever possible, and maybe look for some type of sealant to seal the runner beforehand.

Thanks for reading! If you decide to start this tradition for your family as well, please let me know! I would love to know I am inspiring someone out there!

xo, AP

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