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As I sit down to write this post, I don’t really know where to begin. Here’s what I do know… I do know that I want to share my fitness journey for 2016 and share side by side progress photos. I do know that I want to motivate and help someone believe that they can get whatever it is they want in life… and I do know that this won’t be my only post about this new journey I am on.

So here goes! If you don’t know, I started a health and fitness journey in 2012. It is a long process of learning portion control, how to deal with sugar cravings, learning how amazing coconut oil and weights are, and a learning process that has brought me where I am today. My overall journey from 2012 to now is probably a lengthy post for another day.

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Today, I want to share my journey of 2016. The end of 2015 brought our home MANY moments to celebrate. Our wedding in September, immediately followed by a 11 day trip to Hawaii, and of course… the holiday season! As I am sure many of you can relate to, that brought a tad bit of chaos to our health and fitness world. There were many skipped workouts, MANY glasses bottles of wine, and tons of sweet treats around us! It is safe to say, the over indulging brought me added weight gain, which led to being uncomfortable in my own skin and lacking self-confidence.

Starting 2016 I knew I wanted a change in many areas of my life, including health and fitness. Our prayers are that the next few years bring us incredible life changes, so I wanted to start NOW and get in a rhythm and not only find, but share my authentic self.

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So here we are, January 2016 to mid-February. We kicked off our year with an Advocare 24 Day Challenge and hit the ground running. To quickly share, the 24 Day Challenge is a nutrition kick start, not a quick fix. We started our challenge to go through a gentle herbal cleanse and to use whole foods to guide us in to making better choices. The 24 Day Challenge is a guided process complete with portion control, incredible vitamins, and an overall kick-start to tackle any health goals.

Personally, the challenge is a way for me to gain control back in my life. We had clearly gotten off track, so I was looking for complete, balanced meals again. I was looking to kick the bloat, puffy eyes, and irritability the past months had created by us over indulging in treats. I got myself up and to the gym at least 3-4 days a week, which was a big deal for me since some weeks I allowed myself to have excuses EVERY day of the week. Some days on the 24 Day Challenge were harder than others, but on the difficult days I leaned on the people I had shared my goals with. I had set the goal to finish the 24 Day Challenge feeling my best and pushing forward on day 25 and beyond.

I lost a total of 3 inches around my waist, but more importantly, I felt better!! I never really set success on a number on the scale, I always try to use non scale victories to measure progress! I felt better in my clothes, I wasn’t looking for the flowy tops in my closet before work, and I especially felt more energized and confident.  I started finding healthy recipes again, meal prepping, getting myself to the gym! It has created a huge mental shift for me.

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Finally, completing this process has made me realize my LOVE for health and fitness. For the past several years I have looked for ways to inspire other people. I always found my passion in health and fitness. I always found great satisfaction in helping another woman believe in the possibilities of life and gaining confidence. This last month has centered me and made me realize where my passion is.

The last few months of 2015 were difficult for me and I had a hard time admitting that I was struggling with my self-confidence. I guess it has a little to do with not wanting to be too vulnerable. I also know, things could be a lot worse, but I am so much more powerful in my own life when I have a sense of control of what I am putting in to my body. Not to mention, properly fueling my body makes me feel better mind and body!

Photo Feb 12, 8 21 37 AM I spend a lot… and I mean A LOT of time wondering if what I am sharing or doing is going to have critics. This last month I realized I have been holding back. Maybe it’s because I am a little embarrassed that I fell off track… or perhaps I have allowed myself to let the criticism and “what will people say?” get the best of me.

Moving forward, I will use my blog to share my journey as a new wife with a LOVE for health, fitness, and wellness. I look forward to sharing my journey to inspire other people, especially other women to empower themselves and live as their authentic self. If you are reading this, I would love a comment below or a quick email just to let me know you are here. If there is something you want to see me write, please feel free to reach out to me. Thank you for following along!

For more information on the 24 Day Challenge and coaching with me, please feel free to email me, or you can order here to get started today!

xo, AP

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